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Commuting can be a real hassle for your employees. For many of them just getting to work can be a real job. And as an employer you know it's a challenge to keep good employees and to attract new ones. Not getting the ones you want, or losing them over commute related issues is expensive, time consuming and unnecessary.

That's why vanpooling with us is good business. It's a smart and cost effective way for you to help your workers get to and from their jobs. And it does so much moreÖ

  • Expands your labor market so you can recruit from a wider geographic area.
  • Reduces the need for parking by cutting the number of vehicles commuting to your site.
  • Gets your employee's to work safely, on time and less stressed.
  • Show the community you care by working to improve the air we breathe.

Interested and want to learn more?
Follow the links below:

What is a vanpool?
How do we help?
What can cluster analysis do?
What's included?
Where do I begin?

What is a vanpool?
A vanpool is a group of 7 - 15 people who commute together on a regular basis in a van.

How do we help?
We do so much more than simply supply you with a fleet of commuter vans. First and foremost we listen. We learn your wants and needs and then tailor a program specifically for you. You choose the options you want and we handle the operating and administrative details.

What can cluster analysis do?
A Commute Cluster Analysis turns a mass of data into a visual display that's easy to comprehend. Being able to show an employee the relationship between their home and work destination and the fellow employee's that share similar commutes everyday is a powerful selling tool.

What's included?
Many employers like our popular thirty day pay-as-you-go program. Itís hassle free for you and easy to use for your employees. The program requires no long term commitment and is completely financed and insured by us. Customizing the program to meet your specific needs is easy to do and makes for an almost endless list of possible program and service combinations.

As a general rule most of our programs are all inclusive. We provide the marketing and sales support, all of the vehicles scheduled and unscheduled maintenance service, a comprehensive insurance package, and all of the administrative support that makes your vanpool program a success. .

Where do I begin?
Itís as easy as calling 1.800VanRide or send us an e-mail and we'll be happy to help you.

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