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Commuting can be a real hassle. Racing out the door in the morning. Fighting with traffic. Relying on the radio for companionship. Paying sky-high prices for gas. And when you finally get to work, you feel the effects of a stressful, unproductive and costly commute.

Vanpooling with us is a great, cost effective alternative for your daily commute. You can enjoy the convenience of sharing a ride to work with others together in a friendly environment.

You'll arrive at work safe, on time and relaxed. But the benefits don't stop there. By vanpooling you can begin to use your commute time productively to catch up on your work, your sleep or the latest best seller.

Interested and want to learn more?
Follow the links below:

What is a vanpool?
How does it work?
What's the cost?
Is vanpooling right for me?
What now?

What is a vanpool?
A vanpool is a group of 7 - 15 people who commute together on a regular basis in a van.

How does it work?
Each vanpool has a primary driver/coordinator and one or more alternate drivers. The vanpool participants share cost of the van and all other operating expenses.

Riders usually meet at a designated pick-up location like a shopping center parking lot or a park and ride location. Some vans have more than one pick-up point, some don't. And it's the same with drop-off points at the destination. It all depends on the nature and needs of the vanpool group. Of course the fewer stops, the faster you'll get to work and home again.

What's the cost?
Because you share the cost with up to 14 other people, vanpooling is typically much less expensive than driving yourself to work. To see what your drive alone commute costs are click here.

In addition, vanpoolers are eligible to receive special Federal tax incentives for vanpooling. There are also several regions throughout the country that provide some form of financial incentive to vanpool. Click here to see what might be available where you live. Bottom line - vanpoolers generally pay around 5 cents a mile to commute on a van.

Is vanpooling right for me?
If you travel about 15 miles or more one-way to work and have a schedule that's relatively consistent, you're a good prospect!

What now?
To learn more about us - keep cruising the site.

If you're already convinced that vanpooling is right for you, check out our on-line Vanpool Search feature to see if there's already a vanpool on the road that meets your commuting needs.

If you're interested in starting a vanpool of your own, our program makes it a snap! It includes insurance, all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, loaner vehicles (when available) and best of all, there's no long term comittment. You'll also get peace of mind knowing that behind each vanpool stands one of our local commute experts who'll help you every step of the way by working with you to:

  1. Assist you qualify as a primary driver *.
  2. Set a start date and create a time line to get your vanpool on the road.
  3. Determine the basic vanpool route, pick up and drop off times.
  4. Estimate monthly expenses.
  5. Advertise for and sign up riders.
  6. Establish general vanpool guidelines.
  7. Set policies and a schedule for payment.
  8. Meet with potential riders.
  9. Confirm the route, the start date, collect your payment andů Go!

Ready to start a van of your own? Call us at 1.800.VanRide, email us, or click here to access our Getting Started page.

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